Pak Dahlan Iskan

DAHLAN ISKAN, Pak Dahlan Iskan membagi 24 jam waktunya menjadi 6 jam tidur/istirahat dan 18 jam untuk bekerja secara produktif. Seiring bertambahnya usia, waktu produktif pak Dahlan berkurang seiring waktu karena factor umur. Advertisements

How to START to MOVE UP…?

MORE GratefulMORE Happiness The best way that we can grow our intelligence is to embrace tasks where we might struggle and fail. Before you START LEARN DEEPER….,FIND out DELIGHTFUL SIDE in every you STUDY / SKILL FIELD

How make yourself KEEP YOUR OWN “WAY”?

1. You MUST MUCH REMEMBER about ALLAH Ta’ala (DZIKIR)… 2. REMEMBER your DEAD.. 3. You must have A CLEAR and “GOOD” GOAL, for Other and You… 4. Looking your around people,┬ámany of they that lacked a good thing at around them, specially the people of SYRIA and PALESTINE… 5. AVOID the follow thing, # 3…